HH appointed time to lead has come – Sialubalo


SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Gift Sialubalo says politicians must always remember that the people that elect them will get fed up if they underperform and will want new leaders.

Sialubalo said there was nothing that the PF can do to perpetuate its stay in power if Zambians want change of leadership in 2021.

Addressing his constituents, Sialubalo said he felt ashamed that despite Zambia being a Christian nation, her citizens were still practicing “barbaric” politics 56 years after independence.

“Sometimes as politicians we should know that at one time the people who voted us into power will be fed up with things if we underperformed and all they will need is new blood,” he said. “If people want change and the change they want is that of HH [UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema] to be the president of the Republic of Zambia we just have to accept that his time has come. No matter what you do to smear him of something that he never did, the people of Zambia won’t be swayed.”

Sialubalo said Hichilema’s appointed time to lead government has come because of the incompetence of the current regime and no one would stop him from ascending to power through the ballot in 2021.

He said Zambians have looked at Hichilema’s ability to run government and are satisfied that he deserves to be ushered into power after next year general elections.

And Sialubalo said the politics of name calling and maligning each other was below par for a Christian nation.

“This is so trivial and cheap. Anyway, Zambians now have woken up. No matter the amount of malice, the people know what to do come 2021. God is there to stand for HH and Zambians are enlightened now,” he said. Sialubalo said it did not make sense to use politics to blame Hichilema for the privatisation process which was overseen by the MMD government nearly thirty years ago.

“How can this government now comes up with schemes to shift the blame to someone who has never worked in government? There is no way someone who never served in government can go and sell a government property. That is the preserve of the sitting government and the one to preside on everything is the finance minister. HH has never been finance minister in any regime. All his life he has been in the private sector,” Sialubalo said. “When privatisation was done, it was not only one individual who was involved. Technocrats from different fields were involved. The current President was involved too. Now does it make sense to any well-meaning Zambian to shift the blame to only one person who was in an independent company?”

Sialubalo urged citizens to discuss serious issues affecting the country today.

“How can we manage the free-falling kwacha? How can we do away with load-shedding? Instead of us looking at the corruption surrounding the purchase of fire tenders, road construction, Forest 27, Financial Intelligence Centre reports, we are focusing on HH. If you don’t invest prudently, why blame those that have invested well? Nothing will stop HH from going to State House next year because people have seen that he is disciplined, he is humble and knows how to use his resources,” said Sialubalo.


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