How To Get A Guy To Fall In Love With You! Super Effective Tactics You Don’t Want To Miss


Getting a guy to fall in love is a challenge for many women on this planet. Guys don’t easily commit to a relationship. It can be really frustrating when you notice that he has all the qualities that you need yet you can’t have him. It’s like food that you can reach with your hand but aren’t able to reach with your mouth.

If you’d like to turn around the luck you’ve had with men in the past, read on. You’re about to learn some super effective tactics that will make any guy fall completely in love with you. These tricks exploit the man’s desire for a challenging woman that he just can’t resist. It’s a desire that he has internally which you can use to your advantage and make him fall in love with you.

Here are the super effective tactics to get a guy fall in love with you…

Use reverse psychology – Using reverse psychology is one of the best ways to get whatever it is that you want with other people in your life. Salesmen use it. Men and women who are naturals at the dating game use it frequently to get their needs satisfied. If they can do it, you can too. Reverse psychology is very counter intuitive. Reverse psychology can be summed up in this one quote: “We humans pursue that which retreats from us”.

Men naturally desire a challenging and an independent woman. They don’t find such women often. That’s the reason you find a lot of men who refuse to commit into a relationship. When most women would confess their feelings to the boyfriend and ask him to take the relationship to the next level, the challenging woman does something entirely different.

She pushes the man away from him all the time. She never tries to get his attention and she acts like she doesn’t need him. Even though she’s in a relationship with this guy, she actively meets other men. She goes on dates with other men along with her current boyfriend and flirts with them.

It may sound insane to do. You might wonder what if the guy loses interest in you when you do that. But it’s not the case. The guy will feel greater desire for you when you do that. You don’t have to necessarily play every single guy that you come across. You just have to flirt with these guys and keep a healthy relationship with them.

Listen and empathize – Want to learn the one secret that will make any person fall in love with you? Well… the secret is empathy. Being able to truly listen and understand another person’s perspective on a thing is the best way to create an AMAZING CONNECTION in the relationship. This is the connection you must AIM for at the start of every relationship.

When that connection is reached, a man won’t be able to let you go. He’ll want to be with you. But when you use reverse psychology and act as a challenging woman, it’ll create feelings of scarcity and urgency in him. He’ll feel that if he doesn’t commit to you soon, you’ll be lost forever. This urgency will make him commit to you much sooner than you can expect.


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