How to Get a Man’s Attention Back Without Begging and Working So Hard


Are you in a relationship where things started out great? He chased you and made you feel important. But now that you’re in a relationship, he seems so secure in your love, that he takes you for granted? You long for him to love you as much as he did in the beginning. But you’re at a loss about what to do? This article will show you how to get a man’s attention back, without begging and losing your self-esteem in the process.

Many women make the mistake of thinking that the way to get a man’s attention back, is to work harder at the relationship. So she starts planning dates, buying him gifts, giving him massages, wearing sexy lingerie, etc. She works harder and harder, but nothing seems to work. And it’s so frustrating! Didn’t you learn that the way to treat a man, is to treat him the way you want to be treated? And aren’t you doing just this? Isn’t it supposed to work?

Unfortunately, when a woman works so hard to give more to a man, all that happens is that he becomes lazy. A man is programmed to be the pursuer. So when a woman works hard to get his attention, he loses his job in the relationship. He may enjoy the attention at first. But after awhile, what really happens is that there is an upset in the balance of your relationship. He doesn’t need to work hard to attract you anymore. And the more you try to get his attention, the more he begins to lose respect for you.

A man loses respect for a woman who needs his approval to be happy. Can you see that your current actions are telling him that you are desperately seeking his approval? A man can’t respect you if he feels you’ve lost confidence in yourself. He fell in love with you because of your self-confidence and attractive feminine energy. But now that you’ve lost some of it, he doesn’t know specifically how and why, but he just feels less attracted to you.

So what to do to get a man’s attention back, without begging and losing your self-esteem?

The most important thing you need to do, is to stop giving to him. Stop giving to him and start giving more to yourself instead. Do this by:

  1. Spending more time away from him.
  2. Have a girls’ night out.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Pamper and indulge yourself.

When you see him again, don’t let his behaviour get you down. Continue doing what makes you happy. And after awhile, when you are feeling a lot more balanced, at peace and loving towards yourself and others, he will automatically be drawn to your positive energy and want to give you his attention. It’s important that you don’t punish him when he does this. Be happy and appreciative instead. Do less or nothing at all. Let him take the lead and just smile to yourself.


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