Man To Divorce Wife After Plumber Removes 23 Utilized Condoms Blocking Their Toilet



Weird things do happen every single day in this world we are living in and the present happenings are no special case.

A Nigerian couple’s marriage is at the skirt of breaking over doubt of treachery with respect to the spouse. Here goes the full story;

The spouse is apparently set to head out in different directions with his significant other he suspects of cheating after a handyman pulled out 23 utilized condoms which have been obstructing the latrine of his home assembled scarcely a year back.

This story was shared via online media by a man who professes to be a relative of the spouse who’s set to separate from wife after the handyman pulled out the condoms.

As indicated by him, the spouse says he has never utilized condoms since the time he got hitched to her. In addition, for what reason should he utilize a condom whiles he’s hitched.

He associates the spouse with arranging, men in his nonappearance to live it up on the grounds that the house is scarcely a year old and it’s just involved by only them.

The youngster who identifies with the confounded and irate spouse giving full subtleties to the occurrence as he shared uncovered that his uncle and wife have been hitched for a long time with one little girl and they commended their wedding commemoration as of late.

He included his post that his uncle got puzzled at seeing the revelation since he isn’t generally at home and he doesn’t utilize a condom on his significant other.

Peruse HIS POST Underneath:

“There’s an issue in the house! We have been disapproving of our latrine for some time now yet we got a stun in the wake of discovering what the issue is… .

“My uncle is 44 and his significant other is 34 with 1 child (young lady) they simply praised 2 years commemoration. My uncle invests the majority of the energy at the shop. He sells save parts and car; he never knew and will never accept that his better half brings another man home (who she has once acquainted with me as his cousin) … FastFWD

“Fourteen days now we have been thinking that its difficult to flush the latrine in light of the fact that the water is moving … . My uncle called a handyman yesterday, the handyman needed to call my uncle to give him what the issue is… shockingly, its a condom, and one of them is still new with some sperm inside…

“My uncle was astounded on the grounds that he said he never utilized it on her since they got hitched … He simply assembled the house which isn’t up to 1year… Presently their marriage is on the line of falling, I like the spouse very well since she is benevolent and liberal she gets me the most recent things like telephones, shoes, shirts… I don’t have a clue how to add to the issues since I am only a kid,”
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