NEVERS MUMBA SPEAKS ON MUTATI’S SUFFERING … ‘I can only pray for him and wish him well’


Felix Mutati and Nevers Mumba

By Patson Chilemba

All of us must learn that life is a cycle and it’s important to invest in a good cycle, says MMD leader pastor Nevers Mumba over the political infringements his one time nemesis Felix Mutati is facing.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, pastor Mumba came to the defence of former Finance minister Mutati, saying no one has the right to trample on his rights to form or belong to any political party of his choice.

Mutati’s path towards forming a political party named Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), has been blocked by the Registrar of Societies, acting on orders from State House and the minister. The several political party leaders from the other ‘nashala neka (small political parties)’ parties he has tried to enter into mergers with, have also ended up being bought by State House, which does not want to see other political parties being formed, especially those which might draw a little support from the ruling party ranks.

Some of the political parties Mutati and his former faction members in the MMD have tried to enter into mergers with include, Highvie Hamududu’s party, late Mike Mulongoti’s People’s Party and Jackson Silavwe’s Golden Party.

Before getting onto this trajectory, Mutati was involved in protracted court battles with pastor Mumba over the MMD presidency, which the courts of law ruled in Mumba’s favour.

Asked to comment on the misfortune against Mutati, whose rights were being infringed upon by State House and the government, pastor Mumba said he could only pray for him, but also remind him that the MMD was still his home and would be welcomed any time.

Asked on the observations that the injustices Mutati was facing were the same injustice he (pastor Mumba) faced when the former finance minister was in good standing with the government, Pastor Mumba said he could not rejoice over the problems Mutati was going through.

“I will never rejoice in the suffering of another, but all of us must learn that life is a cycle, and it’s important to ensure we invest in a good cycle. I have forgiven him,” pastor Mumba said.

Pastor Mumba said although he did not have facts over the activities from State House and the minister of Home Affairs, he believed that every Zambian had the constitutional freedom to form or belong to a political party of their choice, and that no one had the right to infringe on those rights. – Daily Revelation


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