Reopening of schools without the government assisting citizens financially is a sign of poor leadership


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Reopening of schools without the government assisting citizens financially is a sign of poor leadership

We welcome the move by the government to reconsider opening our learning institutions across the country, however, we are very much disappointed to learn that the PF government has not put any measures like how to help parents mitigate the effects of Covid 19 in as far a school and tuition fees inorder to ease the burden on parents following the current economic situation in the country.

The PF government should understand that during the long lockdown many citizens have been struggling even just having a single meal a day; therefore, it was going to be better if the government considered allowing all learners in public institutions not to pay school fees government comes up with a strategy on how to help out private institutions, so that they too don’t get stressed out.

We want to further, remind PF government that Zambia received a lot of money from donor nations to fight covid-19 which ended up being channeled to fund road projects that were already funded by previous budgets. So if the government has the capacity to channel some money meant for covid 19 to roads construction which isn’t a priority under the circumstances, why have they then failed to provide financial support to parents?

We challenge the PF government to show leadership by cancelling all tuition fees in all public learning institutions this term, and provide financial support to private institutions so that they can just charge half their tuition fees to keep them going.

This is the time we shall see whether we have leaders who reason well in the PF government or there is nothing at all.

We have seen nations across the globe providing social assistance to its citizens during the pandemic, but here in Zambia nothing despite the fact that every year our national budget cater for such emergencies. And where PF has taken these moneys only God knows.

Let the ministry of education reconsider their decision. From the statement issued by the Ministry it is very easy for one to tell that the government is not ready to open schools and they want to experiment on our children whether covid 19 kills or not.

The PF government have decided to reopen schools not that they have done their home work, but to appear as though they are working. This is unacceptable, because they are playing with lives here.

Most of our public learning institutions have very pathetic sanitation challenges where they can sometimes go for days without running water, and covid needs regular provisions of washing hands and social distancing. We want the public media to give videos of all learning institutions to see whether they can keep our children safe or not.

In boarding schools dormitories are very limited. Meaning of there was to be exercising of social distance, only a few would be accommodated.



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