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A Deeper Look Inside Plantronics Impressive Sound Innovation


Plantronics Incorporated located in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA is among an elite group of manufacturers developing superior wireless telephone headsets. As we approach the mid-way point of 2013 we are seeing this popular manufacture stocks increase as they continue to engineer breakthrough consumer products. Experts agree that this sudden surge in stock revenue are because of Plantronics latest CS500 and Savi W700 wireless systems. Consumers seem to be very pleased with their latest additions to there already impressive telephone headsets. Let’s review some of the main turning points for Plantronics over the past two years to dive deeper into what separates their sound innovations from the rest.

Discontinuing CS Series Systems

Announcing that the first generation CS models were going to be discontinued and replaced by newer systems had many very surprised. Whether frustrated or just plain exited to see what was coming next, consumers were rewarded by the popular Plantronics CS500 series systems which include the new CS540, CS510, CS520 and CS530 models. Over delivering once again, Plantronics is satisfied with the user reviews and profit margins that the CS500 models are generating.

Introducing New Savi W700 Series

During the same timeline Plantronics also announced a new product line which includes the Savi W710, W720, W730, W740 and W745. What is very unique with this announcement is the fact that these systems won’t only connect to office phones but Bluetooth mobiles and computers at the same time. Finally users will have the ability to use a single cordless headset for all of their favorite systems. Opening up a new door for high volume callers of the 21st century as many businesses move toward VoIP and mobile platforms.

Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

Plantronics offers a diverse selection of headsets not only for professional callers but recreational users as well. The new GameCom 780 includes all inclusive Dolby 7.1 surround sound for those that listen to music, play games and watch movies over the internet. Plantronics owns a huge share in the computer headset share and is viewed as one of the industry leading performers. Offering hundreds of models to choose from creates ultimate versatility to satisfy anyone’s hands free requirements.


Plantronics Inc. is heading in the right direction as a global telecommunication expert and leader in sound innovation. As 2013 continues to be a year for change in the unified communication field, Plantronics is staying ahead of the curve developing new technology for all levels of users.


Source by Jeremy Aldo


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