Former MMD And Now PF Members Acting Foolish, Says Mayor Miles Sampa


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LUSAKA mayor Miles Sampa says there is agenda determined to portray original Patriotic Front (PF) members or those linked to late Micheal Chilufya Sata as bad people.

Mr Sampa has since accused some people including those holding ministerial positions of being determined to paint him black.

He said some headlines are being precipitated by evil motives from journalists who innocently cover him only to have their well written factual items distorted by headlines.

“Equally I have been around long enough to know when some headlines have under current and being precipitated by some evil motives from those journalists who innocently cover me only to have their well written factual items on me distorted by headlines to those they report to and them also ordered by those they report to.

Today one is some foolish MMD type of agenda determined to portray original PF members or those linked to Micheal Chilufya Sata as bad people or bad workers,” Mr Sampa said.

He said some people are still bitter with the 2011 loss of MMD and since Mr Sata is gone, they find it easier to take out their ‘revenge’ on people like him.

“They just hear my name, their instinct is to cook lies on me or paint me black. It gives them joy. I know them and one day I will list them one by one.

Some even holding ministerial positions determined to paint me black. When you go back in History however, I can even show you what fight each one of them had with MCS. They are the same people that called MCS ‘mad’ and same ones now in the forefront of calling me the same simply because they can’t comprehend my leadership approach or my inborn character,” he said.

Mr Sampa was reacting to a story published in the Zambia Daily Mail in which Bar and Night Club Owners Association of Zambia general secretary Edmond Lifwekelo has condemned his double standards on the fight against Corona virus.

In the article, Mr Lifwekelo is quoted as having said that it is hypocritical for Mr Sampa who has been championing the fight against COVID-19 to have allegedly gone partying at Chicago’s Reloaded.


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