I’ll Join UPND if HH Forgives Me and Guarantees my Safety


I’ll Join UPND if HH Forgives Me and Guarantees my Safety – Sunday Chanda

PF media director Sunday Chanda is an intelligent guy who knows that PF is definitely losing in 2021.

However, he’s still stuck in the sinking PF dugout canoe because his greatest fear is that HH and the UPND faithful followers in general will not forget nor forgive him for all the lies he’s told for 10 years.

But we assured him after the program (blunt talk MUVI TV) where he was wired and baptized by Mubita Nawa, that we’re not interested in him, but in the one who sent him.

We want the BIG MAFISHI, his boss, the boss’s chief bootlicker, and the owner of the 48 houses and the other fish involved in gold and mukula smuggling and stealing through overpriced and unnecessary projects.

Sunday was only accompanied by one uncomfortable looking camera/chola boy from Smart Eagles.

SOURCE: UPND Youths Zambia


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